The Difference Between Energy Drinks and Soft Drinks


Difference Between Energy Drinks and Soft Drinks, Looks like someone wrote on the difference between an energy drink and a soft drink. Energy drinks seem to be little more than a ‘special type of soft drink’ for many of us. It is this attitude that drives many of us to use energy

supplements, just like the way we use soft drinks that happens incidentally. As their name suggests, soft drinks are a variety of drinks that can actually do very little harm to their users. This is why they are ‘soft’. You can take them in any quantity you want, and for the most part, it has no consequences (except for the occasional burping). But energy drinks are a different ‘kettle of fish altogether.

Now the main thing that differentiates between energy drinks and soft drinks is their respective potency levels. More specifically, the key difference here is that energy supplements are much more potent formulations than soft drinks.

Soft drinks, in terms of formulation, consist of nothing more than a combination of carbonated water, sugar, and food coloring with a preservative here and there to make soda. In the case of juice, which in some circles may be called a soft drink, the only difference is where the water used is not carbonated and where some fruit extract is added for authenticity. That’s all that’s all.

However, in energy supplements, we are looking at substances much more powerful than water, fruit extracts, sugar, and preservatives. In the most basic energy drinks, we’ll see the copious levels of caffeine from which they

get their stimulating effect. Now in small amounts, caffeine may be an absolutely harmless substance, but in the amounts employed in these energy supplements, it becomes really potent and is capable of bringing about

remarkable changes in the body. The amount of caffeine employed in energy drinks is the kind that can cause real euphoria when consumed in excess. These will also be the kind of amounts that can result in seizures, as their effects wear off from the body forcing the body to rapidly return to a lower energy level.

Natural energy supplements are no less potent. To enable them to activate the body, these drinks will contain substances such as Ginkgo Biloba, ginseng, or acai berry extracts which become extremely potent substances. It is through the action of these substances that energy supplements can accelerate the user’s metabolic rate to bring about an energizing effect.

Once one understands the difference between energy drinks and soft drinks, they will try to take energy drinks with the seriousness they deserve. That would be, among other things, keeping them out of reach of children, using them in the right amounts, and reading the instructions for their use carefully. This would also mean avoiding using them with things they might interact with adversely, such as alcohol.


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